Fynn has started sleeping thru the night! About time. And we 'kicked him out' to his own crib this past weekend, which is great for my sleep (you'd think ...) and sad for my heart. Hard to admit the changes that will take him more and more into his own world. Praying I stay connected. Been really hard with Douglas lately, feeling highly un-connected and combative. Good days starting to be sprinkled in here and there, which I'm glad for.

That you'd think part ... last night he went down at 8:30, and I woke him at 11 to feed him so that I'd have a clear night (he goes about 8 hours at a stretch). I went to bed at 11:30 ... 2am the phone rings, brother in law with random thoughts for groggy husband. 4:30 am the alarm goes off for groggy husband, who startles, slaps it silent, and curls up again. 4:33 I shake him, remind him he has to get to work (the current gig has a working window of 2 to 11 am) and shut my eyes. 4:34, repeat performance. 4:38 repeat again. am now awake enough to be hungry ... sigh and throw off the covers, causing not-so-groggy husband to jump out of bed, slice half an apple, pee, eat the apple, crawl back in bed. 5:45, husband comes to say goodbye and i wake again briefly. 7:30, fynn wakes up and demands breakfast. not the most restful 8 hours, but still 8 hours which I should be happy for ... I did sneak in a nap after morning dropoff, which made me feel more human. i loooooove naps.

In other news, I think Fynn's eyes are going to stay blue :)

Nice contrast with the liquid brown of Douglas' ...