Midwife and such

Had the first midwife visit on Wednesday, and it went very well considering I had to have Douglas along again (he was coughing too much to leave at the sitters). I think kids have a button that says "if I'm in a public place where I'm supposed to be quiet, the more mom wants me to be, the louder I'll be." Despite a trip to the library for new books including a new Asterix, he was one wild child. Ah well. He got to hear the baby's heartbeat (a lovely 150 and so nice to hear!) and said it sounded like a train :) The exam part is NOT my favorite, and she drew blood and did a pap smear, both of which I hate, but it didn't take long. It felt like the baby retreated for a day after all that poking and prodding, but I got a nice set of kicks a few minutes ago so things are getting back to normal.
I liked her even more the second time around, we seem to be totally at ease with each other no matter what. Her sense of humor is delightful, and she's super calm.
I'm at work and supposed to be cleaning up the job database and keywording the heck out of old files, but somehow I can't bring myself to do that 5 hours a day during 'downtime', which there has been a LOT of. I'll get to it soon ... yup.
I've found a group on the babycenter.com messageboards that I love, and get some of my TMI conversations taken care of there ... bet you're devastated. Not. Who but another pregnant 35+year-old wants to talk about all the fun things that come along with pregnancy??
Had fun with Douglas last night, eating popsicles the minute we walked in the door from school/work, and eating dinner on the couch after I finally managed to bully the DVD player into playing the pirated copy of Wallace and Gromit's The Wrong Trousers that Michael bought on the subway. Love that kind of animation! Speaking of which, my complete favorite movie Howl's Moving Castle is up for an Oscar :) Wish I could vote on that one. Hint: Douglas would love a copy for his birthday coming up ...
Random Pet Peeve:
Businesses that don't answer phones or phonecalls, leaving angry customers to resort to calling our house trying to track down the former manager. I think I just have low tolerance at the moment, but it still made me mad. I'll get over it.
The eternal project is still the eternal project and is still in my dining room, but today and tomorrow M is supposed to be working on it, so hopefully it will make a visible leap in the direction of being finished. It feels like the whole thing has really strained a bunch of relationships, with friends, landlords, inlaws, husbands ... and I'm trying to find something good in it other than me practicing patience for a lot of us. Not that extra patience would hurt me, I have so little of it to start with, just ask Douglas!
Glad it's friday, no big plans but maybe a playdate tomorrow for D, and hopefully some family time on Sunday.