The Bash

I have to start this with a confession ... I think I actually love doing too many things at once, and at the very last minute, resulting in stretching everyone's patience, pockets, and schedules. I always pretend it drives me nuts, but I actually thrive on it, and then collapse afterwards in a happy, exhausted, and contented heap, telling myself I earned a rest. In this case the 'rest' went on for 2 days, but as I was pampered by my parents taking us out for yet another dinner, and a blissful monday working at home (I spent 2.5 hours of it getting my ICA papers organized and almost half of my first final exam written) it wasn't too bad.

The Bash? That would be Douglas' Pirate Party for his 4th birthday. We gave in to renting the school as our place would have been too small for more than about 4 kids + parents. My parents ended up being in town, which was a lifesaver in terms of help and sanity checking. Michael got the idea of building a pirate ship, I bought a slew of stuff from Oriental Trading and Party Center, and the chaos commenced. Michael made the ship w/out cutting a single piece of wood ... yes that stuff was all tucked away in our apt.

The kids had an absolute ball, and the cannon was the biggest hit. It was made so last minute that there were no balls to fit into it, so we used the collection of 'shaker eggs' that the school has for music class, which worked beautifully and loudly. The portholes were also a delight, as they just fit heads, swords, etc. I was surprised at how many parents and kids put on bandanas, mustaches, etc ... getting in the spirit.

The 3+1 of us ... just before the first guests arrived.

By the very end of the day, he'd modified his costume a bit ...

Anyone in the market for leftover tattoos, plastic swords, bandannas, and the like? Just holler, we've got plenty!