Less than ideal ways to be woken up ...

... especially on a Saturday. Weekends for us are almost always un-plannable, busy, enjoyable, and at times chaotic. This weekend is proving to be no exception, though last weekend was a notably quiet one. It started out innocently enough last night, with a dinner/evening together that was nice, and included a dinner concocted by my husband and ready when I arrived home from work. Bliss, actually.

Later last night, around 12:30 and after we'd amused ourselves with 45 minutes of the Miss USA pageant (badly scripted and put together in our opinions), MBV realized that the Pratt Draw-a-Thon was currently going on (7pm-7am, 16 live models, drummers, pizza, mayhem, and lots of artists) ... he'd thought it was the night before. He decided to pack up his paints and go get in on the action before it closed up around daybreak. He arrived home at 7 with 2 canvases, tired, and crawled into bed. Trying to sleep in as much as possible, I made it till 8:30 before a sore throat and needing to leave with Douglas at 9:45 made me get up.

We'd signed up for a class called Baby Mud at The Painted Pot, a very cool paint-your-own pottery place nearby. We were to meet his 2-day-a-week cohort JM, who he shares a sitter with in Park Slope. I'd never met the mom, and she'd suggested the class as a good place to hook up. We arrived just on time, for once, only to find ourselves the first ones there :) Such novelty for perpetually late folks like us. JM and her parents arrived a bit later, and turned out to be the only ones in the class. Much mess and fun ensued making clay windchimes, with the painting part being the hit for both of them. Once they were off to dry, both kids got rather hyper and started having a ball together. See above :)

As for the title above? After the class, Douglas had a meltdown similar to several recently, that involve yelling, whining, and lots of blindly begging for "more" of whatever he's been getting. Fun, toys in shopwindows, trips, and so on. This one, with minor breaks, lasted all the way home, and somewhere along the way I'd promised a "chat with daddy" when he got home, which I rarely use but is sometimes very handy. He was shrieking about "more treats" when we walked in the door, and I sent him straight to his room, where he has to pass thru our room to get to. Hence a bleary-eyed husband staggering out of bed, trying to sort out what's going on and gather his wits. I heatedly gave him the rundown, and asked him to deal w/it as I was too angry and didn't dare. He did, and 25 minutes later a very solemn child came to me in the kitchen and apologized. Here's hoping it sank in a little deeper this time.

My lovely and long-awaited afternoon nap was bliss. I got about 1.5 hours of true and delicious sleep, helping mitigate the past week of very little or very disjointed sleep, and partly due to the relief of finally FINISHING all the exams and papers I had to submit for graduation from ICA, my coaching school. Woo hoo!! Felt wonderful. I woke up and then started to fall back asleep, only to have my husband walk in the room as he was tearing around getting ready to go in for evening work, and announce that the cat had just peed on my backpack. The little $#%*&. Since I've lived here, that's akin to peeing on my purse. I carry it everywhere, and had finally gotten a new one a couple months ago that I loved, after carrying a truly sad mustard yellow one for untold years. Nine or ten maybe? I got up and helped with the clean up, and it's now soaking in the washer. Didn't ruin the nap, but sure wasn't a pleasant way to restart my afternoon. Perhaps he's mad because I ran out of wet cat food and he got half a cheese-dog for breakfast? It's only about 8 on his list of most favorite foods, judged by the amount of head-tossing, whining-while-cooking, and frantic attacking of the food when it's offered.

We'll see what he gets for dinner, and how long he has to wait. Won't be before D wakes up so we can go get some, at the very least.

I'm still glad for the nap :)