9 weeks and counting ...

Feeling very pregnant these days, and getting comments like "Oh, you've got the 3rd trimester waddle all right!" just furthers the feeling.

Today in the cafeteria I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Jazz salad, one of my favorites. It includes blue cheese, which I love. The man making the salads to order looked at me rather strangely when I asked for one. He said "Well you'll have to get it without the cheese ..." and I looked at him rather blankly and said "Why??"

He pointed to my belly, and said I shouldn't be eating the cheese right now.
I was amused and bemused both, as I don't have any problems having blue cheese, feta, or even the occasional sushi or wine while pregnant, but go more on what I crave. I said "Oh, I don't have any issues with that" and smiled at him.

He started making my salad, and when he picked up a tong-full of cheese, he decisively put only a few crumbs of it on the salad, and quickly moved on to the tomatoes.

I almost protested and asked for more, but then caved and said nothing. I don't mind the concern at all, but to say I *can't* have it, and then give me a tiny amount despite my comment, irritated me. I've watched him make that salad *many* times, and had him apologize before for only having a wee bit of cheese left (more than he gave me).

Not the end of the world by any means, and I couldn't finish the salad anyhow, but please don't tell me what I can and can't eat. Warnings are great, and I'll listen, but getting between a pregnant woman and her food isn't the most advisable thing, especially not one lumbering into her last trimester! Which reminds me, I haven't weighed in ages, and suspect the numbers are truly climbing ... we shall see.