Public Pregnancy

I've been meaning to post for awhile about how strangers react to me being pregnant, and the bigger I get the more pronounced it gets. Yes, both my belly AND the reactions. I have a whole 3 weeks to go technically, which means I could go any day. Whee :) Almost feeling ready, and very ready to be done waddling and feeling so awkward!

What I've noticed, in Brooklyn at least, is that of course people look directly at your belly, often before your eyes, which is to be expected. The funny thing is the teenagers ... they mostly have a slightly cringing look on their faces, as if to say "That's another reality that I'm not ready to face ... I don't want to think about being grown up in that way." They're not exactly grossed out but more "I don't want to see that." It surprised me at first, but does make sense. I can remember thinking all married people, all those with kids, etc were so irrelevant to my world that I didn't really want to think about it. Too far away to contemplate. Now I see it in their eyes when they look at me.

For the rest of the population, it's mostly smiles or indifference, and once in awhile delight or wonder. I see the flash of recognition in almost every woman who has ever had a child, which varies from sympathy to fond memories. In the past few weeks too, several men have offered blessings or good wishes as they pass.

Last week I was walking my measured pace towards the subway, wearing a fitted black shirt, and with a very stuffed black backpack on my back. I was probably standing straigher than usual due to the backpack, and a man passed by me, slowed and made a weighing motion back and forth with his hands, saying "Nice counterbalance you have going on there!" which of course made me grin.

Many people over the last few months have offered their opinions on what sex the baby is, some after asking if I know, and some just randomly asserting that "you're having a boy, right?". We still don't know, though the general consensus is a boy I'm not nearly convinced like I was with Douglas. With him I was 98% sure for some reason, and not just because we didn't ever find any girl's names we were truly happy with. This time we have a girl's name pretty well set, but nothing for a boy yet, so we'll see. If they have to wait a few days for a name that's just fine with me.

Overall, I'm much more comfortable this time around, in terms of how I look, feel, and dress ... I've worn mostly fitted clothes instead of baggy things, and am not hiding it at all. Like I could at this point anyway! A man who works just outside my office just walked in and almost whispered "so how long are you going to stay around anyway? Through this week?" My answer that I hoped to make it 2 weeks at least was met with "Well I have practice, if you need to deliver here ..." Not exactly my ideal scenario! I see no reason to stop until the travel gets to be too much, which so far is fine. I did overdo it on the weekend with way too much lifting and carrying, and hopefully learned my lesson on that one with a back that threatened to go out.