Because this came first

DOV Graduated on Friday!

I was determined to make it to the ceremony, despite a good hour of solid contractions in the early morning. Thankfully they stopped, and I managed to make it to the school on time courtesy of the bus, only the 2nd time I haven’t walked the distance instead. Dov ended up being shy and declined to perform his ‘special skill’ or chosen yoga pose, but all of a sudden rejoined his peers when a teacher announced she had gifts for all the kids … go figure :) Nice to get to see all the kids/parents one last time, it’s been a fabulous year there and I’m going to miss the group. Dov has 6+ friends who will be going to his ‘big school’ next year with him, so the transition will be eased a bit.

That last picture is DOV in front of the tub he/I inflated the day before, getting ready for the arrival of his sibling … via a planned home/water birth.

We came home and I got a nap, which turned out to be the last sleep I would get in a long time …