How to Survive a Heatwave w/no AC and a newborn

be prepared to drip, everywhere, in every way and not care about it

plan playdates, outings, and whatever you can to get into free AC

go to lunch, a matinee, barnes&noble, and then crash your inlaws ... all in one afternoon

discover that inlaws left you a message, while you were out eating lunch, inviting you to crash ... explaining the dinner already in the oven

aim fans on the bed from both sides

decide that despite the heat, you *will* go out and brave the subways, and try to tame your language when the train you want to transfer to takes off when all the transferees are halfway across the 15 foot platform. come up with pseudo-cheerful response for hot and antsy 4-year-old who needs a nap

wear as little as possible, be thankful that your roomate is a female and recently witnessed you give birth so is not shocked by seeing more skin than usual, and keep clothes nearby for when ups delivery men ring the buzzer

take 2-3 showers a day, even if you have to leave the baby wailing in his swing, knowing that you'll wail louder than him if you go around the bend that you're eerily close to already

plan and obssess about the vacation you're planning for next week, and cheer and thank god when the house you like best agrees to your terms

try not to scream when your 4 year old wants to snuggle despite the slippery heat, knowing those moments won't come often enough any day now

be glad you wear glasses, somewhat easing the windburn from sitting directly in front of a fan for so long

be very glad you don't work outside, and that you're not a cat covered in fur