vacations and such

A week in the poconos at this place ... pure bliss to be away from the city. Almost too quiet, you could hear regular conversations several houses away. Small beach that provided lots of digging joys, D and M made elaborate river systems and then flooded them, while Fynn got a taste of sun and sand. Lots of doing little.

Ended it with a weekend at Mark/Wendy's place ... nice to get the cousins back together when they more or less got along, and some woods tramping time. Lots of wonderful food as usual. I'd love to hire wendy as a personal chef if I lived such a life.

Brain was cleared, family enjoyed, and all good. Too tired to post more on that, as i'ts after 12 once again, and I have to go eat some protein before collapsing in bed. Tho that book I started this afternoon while nursing is calling quietly from the couch ... Brooklyn Follies. I've started reading while nursing which make me relax and dally, which Fynn does so well himself that we get along delightfully ... so long as he doesn't river-puke on me at the end which he's done a bit of lately.

Speaking of Fynn, last week I had my final midwife checkup, and she weighed him for me. 11 lbs 14 oz ... almost 5 more than birthweight. THE Fynn ... armload for sure . Loves to smile, and Douglas can get one out of him with no effort, which has him grinning himself. Brothers :)