Captain Jack

Captian Jack, originally uploaded by herm007.

The boots didn't stay up despite safety pins and staples, and one was abandoned after 2 blocks. The hair lasted a bit longer, but became irritating too. He was plotting the review of his loot halfway thru the night, which thanks to the shows and all was less than I'd been afraid of. "I'm going to spread it ALL over the floor, and see if it's things I like, and maybe give them to you Dad if you like the things I don't. Do you like licorice?" and so on. This was captured on Dad's new video camera, which was swung around, shot from the hip, and hardly turned off for the duration. No, I don't have an obsessive husband or son :).

We all had a ball. We went with a couple down the street who have 3 kids, the oldest who is Douglas' best friend at school. I've been enjoying getting to know the mom more in the last few months, and have hopes of it being more than a playground friendship. I don't have too many of those around here, and I miss them. I'm pretty slow that way ... making friends that is.

Fighting a throat infection that has my running sidelined, which is annoying. May go tomorrow anyhow. I'm volunteering for the marathon this weekend, and have to catch a bus in midtown at 4am Sunday to take me to the starting line. Still waiting on confirmation for the race I want to have in FG Park on Dec 15th, I've been promised an answer by Friday.

This is no longer anywhere near about Captain Jack, so I'll call it quits for now.