Day 9 - This is getting hard

When soliciting my husband for a topic (and sending him out for icecream) his suggestion of writing a letter to my stapler wasn't met with much enthusiasm. I'm not (surprisingly) in the mood to babble. And of course I'm exhausted ... many many things on the race/website today, and all good, but I'm tired of even thinking about it.

Michael just brought me D's class picture, and pointed out that he's the only kid in the group not looking at the camera. As usual, he's got a teeth-together lips-open fixed smile, and is frozen in place until they tell him he's free. I asked him the other day how he smiled for pictures, and he showed me, explaining that he had to make his mouth in a perfect oval. Now where did that idea come from? Some concept of beauty or form or something that he's trying to imitate. The few ways in which he tries to fit a mold, and the many ways he goes the opposite direction. He's got very definite ways of doing things, and especially a very strong sense of the order and completeness of things. If you dare interrupt the 3-block-long sentence, he'll get very angry and start over at the beginning. We interrupt each other a lot :|

I fell apart this morning when M confirmed that he was working Saturdays for next 4 weeks. I'd convinced myself that since it was a job being done to union standards that they wouldn't work weekends, but I was simply hoping. I have SO much to do that the thought of not having backup for the weekends was rather devastating I guess. I tend to plan out things in my head, without realizing at all that I'm doing it, and then when something comes along that I'm not counting on, I get thrown for a loop.

I said I wasn't going to babble. I'll go wait for that chocolate now.

ps ... Chocolate took too long ... so edited to add yet another completely random thing ... I love this woman, and may she forgive me for publicly posted this shot. mmmhmmm. I did say I love you :)

Now it's here and I go to consume. I think she'd approve of that, if not the pic.