Day 14 - blah blog

I'm down to the wire ... having finally finished shopping/creating stuff for my color me happy swaparooni partner, and got it all wrapped and ready to go. It always takes me longer than I think to put it all together. Almost had a meltdown this morning, not sure what set me off first, but M reminded me to get grounded, and I locked myself in the bathroom for 5 minutes and had some peace to get my head and heart settled. I'm afraid I lost it again when the internet cut out in the middle of a client call, but I survived. I don't tolerate tech problems well, and my PC is tottering on it's last leg and about to collapse. Combine that with Time Warner Cable "working in your area today, and we don't know for how long" and I get rather steamy. The PC issue could be temporarily solved with a 2 day process of backing everything up to M's pc and then wiping/restarting from scratch, but I don't have discs for so many programs that is a huge pain. The OS being one of them ...I loaned it out once and never got it back, so can't really do much. M says it's time for a new one, probably because he can't stand to be anywhere around me when something goes wrong with it. It's truly infuriating to me to have something go wrong or malfunction technically, and I'm not sure why I react that strongly.

In other news, I bought raw milk today, on the 'black market' as it's illegal here in NY for anything other than pet consumption, and it's yummy. My boys can't get enough of it, which is a good thing given their penchant for juice and such.

Wire approaches, lame post ends. Eyes glaze over. Wonder where husband is who can rub sore shoulders.