Day 20 - Abbreviated

Memorable event from yesterday that I didn't know about when I posted ...
I won my first ever election, without any campaigning, and without being present to even vote myself :) There's a group at public schools here called the SLT, which is a combo of even parts parent/teachers, plus the PTA president and the school principal. It discusses school policies, educational plans, and so on. I'd put my name in last PTA meeting, and didn't know the meeting to vote on it would be last night, the day I had concert tickets. Apparently there were 9 nominees and 5 spots, and I was voted in w/out being present. Not sure how that happened to be honest, I'm not known beyond the Kindergarten crowd, but kindergarten parents must have made up a majority of voters. Should be interesting, the year's gotten off to a rocky start there, so I'm not sure how things will proceed.

In other news, the concert was wonderful. Martha Wainwright was 11-year-old passion/angst personified, in her body language at least. She's not exactly 11. Her voice was a total treat, commanding, and she and her guitar, solo, filled the room and then some. It was at the Beacon, an old, 3-tiered domed structure that's pretty nice. We were close enough (read: nose-bleed) to the frescoes to determine exactly what parts had been restored. The Swell Season was a delight. The highlight for me was Glen Hansard doing a solo (he did about 4 or 5 in the middle of the set, just him and his beat-up guitar) of his own song Leave. The raw emotion he managed to pack in, and get out, was amazing to me, being of the pent-up sort. The duets with Marketa were gorgeous too, and they seemed like a pair of kids in awe of playing to a sold-out crowd in NYC. If they were playing the part, they played it perfectly. They could have been busking if it weren't for the amps.

I've found 2 running partners so far thru my running group, and we start next week at 6:30 am. Looking fwd to it, as I'm just not getting out w/out more incentive. I still want to run solo at least once a week, but hope the company will get me moving. One will be a local 3 mile, and the other a 5 mile loop to/around Prospect Park. Hoping my ankle holds up, it's been a bit sore. Will need to wrap it for the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. I'm really going to miss seeing my family for thanksgiving, but a long trip just isn't feasable at the moment. We're headed to my aunt/uncle's here in Bklyn. At least it's some family! Very glad to have that here.

Going out again tonight to visit a friend who I haven't seen in too long, since the night before she had major surgery actually. We need to catch up.