Day 22 - Thankful ...

... That my husband watched our kids +2 others so that I could run a 5 mile race this morning with 2 other friends
... That I found the lady who was supposed to be handing out my race flyers at the end of the race, discovered she couldn't do it as no one showed up to help, and managed to get 500 of them handed out myself
... That my friends weren't too mad that I didn't show up at the designated meeting spot for an extra half hour
... That I finished the race without limping
... That I had a wonderful turkey dinner, with family, and didn't have to cook a thing!
... That I got to pick over the turkey carcase
... That my kids didn't break anything while careening around my aunt/uncle's house
... That Douglas had a great time with Joe M. and learned how to tease him this time, to both of their enjoyment
... That it's just past 9pm and I'm home and ready for bed
... That it was a good day
... That I have a loving and healthy family
... That M has off work tomorrow, after all ...
... That I live in a city I love
... That God loves me no matter what ...

and that's just today.

Happy thanksgiving :)