Day 23 - Closets and Naps

grambie's coat, originally uploaded by herm007.

Seemed to be a day of leisure, a rarity around here, and as usual I gravitated towards cleaning/purging. Didn't do too much actually, but did put away summer clothes and too-small clothes for the boys, and repack all the crates of stuff back under the bed. While sorting, I discovered this coat and put it on Fynn. Grambie made it for one of her boys, from an old coat of her Mom's I think?? Perhaps M can correct me on that . I tried it on Fynn and was surprised that it fit. I forgot that the fashion 60 years ago was for longer things for kids, so while the sleeves always looked too short for the coat to me, it's just the style. Of course it's not intended to go over a diaper and socks, but it was that kind of day.

Naps had by all, some more than one, and some too long. Meaning the wake-up process is so long and painful that it's almost not worth the nap.

Grocery shopped while hungry, always a deadly blow to the checking account. Got news that my client wanted to cancel while shopping, giving me even more time to buy more things. While I was marginally temped by Black Friday sales, I couldn't bear the thought of hitting the crowds. So we stayed in.