Day 26 - Patterns

I've always been a bit obsessed with patterns. Visual ones like the Altair Designs I colored as a kid. Finding the trinity in nature in countless ways. Seeing how music mimics nature mimics math mimics science (Godel/Escher/Bach). Seeing how people's behavior is so often predictable, patterned, and logical despite the emotion in it. I've been told I'm too analytical, and at times I am. I fall back on looking for patterns, analysis, and solutions in order to avoid confrontation and emotion. But it has it's uses.

Seeing the patterns in my client's issues started the whole SaneMoms thing. Dig deep enough, and there's always a connection or some kind of symmetry. What brought the whole thing to mind was reading a kids version of Leonardo daVinci's life the other night, which I'll pulled out of a curbside stash for Douglas. He was obsessed with patterns at an early age, and the connections between things. I could relate ... to that part of his life at least :).

It's been a dream of mine to have a place where people of all different fields could come together and find ways to use each other's insights. Physicists with cellists with mathematicians with artists with CEOs, finding common ground. Throw in a few kids and you have magic. I haven't thought about that desire in a long time, but it's still there. I get restless when I think about it, and all the things I'd still like to learn. I always seem to be more of an enabler than a master of any one thing, and am always a bit at war with that. I get bored easily, or should I say impatient? I whipped through a pair of curtains this weekend, without measuring, while fending Fynn off the sewing machine and talking on the phone, and got them done despited the difference of an inch in the lengths of the two panels. Panels, shmanels, they went up anyhow and I don't care. Neither do the boys, who are thrilled.

How did I get there from patterns? I guess I'm convinced that the underlying order of the universe is still very visible, tangible, and understandable, and getting glimpses of it gives me joy. I always want to 'back up' far enough to be able to see the connections, and not get lost in the details. Doing so means I can't get too deep into any one subject or I feel like I lose the perspective I want so badly. If that means making half-baked projects, or half-finished careers, so be it.

I loved the crazy movie they showed us in grade school about the Golden Ratio, and all the places to find it. Cartoonish dancing rectangles hovering over seashells, monuments, and plants. Google fractals and see what you find.

I like patterns.