Day 28 - Delight

The photo shoot went well today, at least as far as Fynn was concerned! I ran around tidying up of course, as it wasn't just toys everywhere but bags of stuff to give away, project supplies, etc strewn all over. I got it done in time, got a shower and a wee bit of makeup on, actually (gasp!) used a blow dryer on my hair for 2 minutes, and put on my favorite t-shirt/pants. Fynn woke up about half an hour before she came, and was just getting out of the sleepy/cuddly stage when she got here. He was ready to do his own thing, and not follow any sort of directions.

She'd been told to get a 'sane mom' shot, and their idea was to have Fynn run around and be crazy while I appeared cool and collected. I tried to oblige, but hate staged shots, and almost all shots of me to be honest. We ended up doing them all at my desk, the one spot I hadn't really cleaned up :). The one way that worked to get Fynn animated was to let him climb onto my desk from the bed, like I've been telling him NOT to do all week. He played with papers, threw them all over, played endlessly with the forbidden phone, and acted as any kid would when let into the candy jar for the first time. He was delighted, confused, and then of course angry after she left and the party on the desk was over.

I hope some of them turn out, of course I'll only see whatever one they choose and in mini-sized newsprint. Her website is mostly food photography, but she's starting to do kids portraits also. The wait will be over on Friday when the article comes out and I get to see how my babblings were interpreted, and how forgiving the camera was. A nice way to end NoBloPoMo I hope!