It was a LONG weekend


That culminated in a visit to the ER sunday afternoon with Fynn. He'd had a 104-105 fever for three days, and I called the Pediatrician I'd used once before, who thought that the fever combined with his lethargy was enough to bring him in. Thankfully and ruefully, the diagnosis was an ear infection. Whe knew that chewing on his hands combined with fever equalled that? He wasn't showing an undue interest in his ears. Glad to know, and his fever is mostly gone and his appetite's back. I didn't even fill the Amoxycillin prescription as he's already on the mend and I hate antibiotics unless I have to use them. Can't wait to see the bill, and sincerely hope they'll let me bargain it down. Rather expensive way to find out he's got an ear infection! Grrr.

He's still clingy, but nothing like he was for the 4 days M and D were away. Listless, sleeping on me, head on my shoulder, and didn't even pick up a toy until this afternoon. Not quite the Fynn I know :|. Thankful he's better.

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