Almost there


Less than 48 hours and counting, and things are slowly coming together. Hot termoses found, and to be picked up tomorrow. Bags half-solved, as the ones I ordered turned out to be too small! Half an inch of clearance doesn't make enough room apparently. I'll probably end up advertising a friend's band as a result, but that's not all bad.

Found out yesterday that someone had ripped down most of my flyers on the main drag going by the park. Not street cleaning crews, as *just* my flyers were ripped off. Perhaps I accidentally covered up a corner of someone else's and ticked them off? Never know ... it's not exactly a politically charged event that someone might be mad at!

Thirty names and counting, online registration closes tonight. Half of those are unpaid entries from HS students, but it's bodies! Weather pretty dicey, icey, and cold, but as long as the paths get salted/cleared tomorrow we'll be fine. Low on helpers, but will make do with whatever we get, and put up lots of signage. Hoping I can figure out how to use the clock and all that, and get it set up, as the veteran race-lady that I thought was coming to help had to back out.

Debbie's coming to document it all (she's amazing with a camera) so I hope for some great pics, though probably not delivered promptly ;) as I'm not sure if she's bringing digital or film.

Can't back out now :)

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