Taking a break

I'm being forced into taking a break, as I can't seem to do so on my own. M and D leave at 8am tomorrow for a wedding in SC, and will be gone till Monday night. Fynn came home from the sitter w/a fever this afternoon, which climbed to 106 for a few hours. I was in an utter depression this afternoon about the race and lack of registrations, despite my gazillion flyers put up w/freezing hands and mangled tape, posts, articles, donations, etc ... it's been a ton of work so far and I've been looking at it as if the entire thing depends on my efforts. I seem to be ignoring the fact that God can choose to bless them or not. Time to lie low for a couple days and let go. It's not really up to me :). Newsletter this month was on vulnerability, and I seem to be feeling very much that way the last few days. M doesn't need to get a call while away that I've collapsed into a sobbing heap in the middle of the kitchen floor. I have some thinking to do this weekend, and am looking forward to the quiet.