I spoke too soon

He hasn't slept thru the night since that post, due to congestion again and general fussiness (i *think* he's finally actually teething.)

Having real sleep dangled like a carrot, and then replaced with crying/waking every 10 minutes for 4 hours straight does something to you. i think i snapped around 3 hours in and it wasn't too pretty after that. perpetual sleep deprivation does something.

happy valentines day! I got a sparkling clean stove as a gift, and a hyper-organized tupperware drawer. husband received fresh coffee in bed and a favorite dinner, which got eaten in shifts and mostly cold after fynn decided to fuss all over the place, and i think we actually all sat down together at the very end of the meal. a game of old maid with douglas rounded out his day ... and made it for him i think. now if they'll sleep long enough for michael and i to tackle a painting together like we've been trying to do for months, we'll have something.