upon my statement that I intend to run the nyc marathon this fall ...

from a friend who's run it before ...
You need to get to the point of running five miles a day, five times a
week no later than May. Every two weeks you run a "long" round, starting
at 10 miles and increasing by 2 miles:

May: 10
June: 12, 14
July: 16, 18
August: 20, 22
September: 22, 22
October: 22, 22

There is no need to run more than 22 miles. Marathon distance bears a
real risk of injury.

I can do it, I know ... the trick is committing the time to it.

I ran this morning, despite the frigid cold and the absence of any other runners, who were most likely running indoors ... slow, yes ... 5 miles, no ... but I made it a point to get out and do it no matter what.

I'll be doing a lot of that if I'm to succeed.