new look

felt like a change, so made it grey. tired of images on a dotted background. lost my cool again w/not getting fynn to sleep, some day he'll go down easily. at least both boys are in the same room!

went to see this ron mueck's work at the brooklyn museum this afternoon ... amazing stuff. my favorites were the old man and the 16' long newborn baby ... complete with blood smears and a cord. insane to see it a such a scale ... his realism is eerie. I thought it the most convincing on the old man, despite his crouching figure being taller than me.

the boys are asleep, michael is home-depot'ing, and I'm plotting how I can carve out a space of my own in this apartment that is NOT work-related. may be small, but i have to be able to sit. contemplating trying to convince michael to share his computer w/me and ditch mine as it's about to die anyhow, given the whining of my hard-drive and it's advanced age. this may be difficult ... he always hopes to use his though rarely succeeds. if i had to share, perhaps i'd not be on it so much? one can hope.