Stinky Rugs

The wool rug in our room has started to smell like latex in the last couple of months. Old stinky latex ... Michael noticed it first. It's less than 2 years old, and was bought on Made in India of course. The smell got stronger and stronger, and was really irritating. We finally rolled it up last week, and I just got around to looking online to see if there's any way to 'fix' it. We assumed the latex backing was disintegrating, but wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem. I found this discussion thread, and no longer wonder. Most there have issues w/Pottery Barn rugs, but some also from overstock and other places that import 'handmade' rugs.

Many many of the posters also have kids, and a lot have had problems with athsma, allergies, headaches, etc, in the kids who were in the rooms. Some have had those problems disappear once they remove the rugs. Fynn has been congested since age 2 weeks, with brief respites here and there, most notably when away from home. He's been in the room w/the rug since birth, had his crib over it, and now that he's in w/Douglas and old enough to sit, he plays on it every day.

Here's hoping that the removal of said rug (as of this morning) will maybe make a difference?? We shall see! At least our room doesn't stink of old rubber anymore!