must be some humor in this ...

the day douglas goes back to school after spring break, I get food poisoning.
the same day, michael puts his back out.
the next day, the landlord's ceiling falls in, narrowly missing his sleeping form.
michael, with bad back, gets to chip out remaining 2" thick plaster chunks, and bag them and carry them down 2 flights and to the curb.
the day i get over food poisoning (4 days later) i get a cold.

(the sunny day before the nor'easter hits, we DO get outside to the park! yay.)

today the rain hits, as predicted, and we stay entertained.
laundry gets done.
games played.
naps had (by some at least ...)
and then the fun begins.

Fynn knocks over the cat's water (a large jug) and it re-curls the floorboards and goes under the piano.
I start to lose my voice.
Michael promises Douglas that he can paint, and finally goes to set it up.
Gets the things out, and decides he better check the boys' room for leaks.
Discovers steady leak, already soaking all the blankets stored on the top bunk.
(this is the second time in the last 12 months.)
Drape wet blankets everywhere.
Scrambles to contain leak.
Fynn wails at not joining the party on the top bunk (of course douglas, already 'dressed' for painting in nothing but his underpants, is dancing up there too)
Fynn gets yoghurt finger paint to play with and has a ball.
Douglas skids on the dropcloth and scrapes up his knee.
Michael disappears with landlord to temporarily deal with leak.
Painting water jar gets knocked over before painting starts, soaking drop cloth and another chunk of wooden floor.
Douglas paints.
I referee between him and Fynn's yoghurt, which he'd now rather paint with.
Argue with Douglas.
Douglas paints cheerios w/yoghurt paint and glues them to Fynn's tray.
Fynn eats all the cheerios.
Repeat with pieces of bread.
Michael reappears periodically in his rain gear to get things, and bows out again.
Both boys get dunked in the bath and scrubbed.
Fynn gets scared of Douglas' bath antics and wants out.
Trying to dry both boys at once and diaper fynn, I fall back onto the cloth diaper tie thingie, poking 5 holes in the meaty part of my palm.
Yelp politely.
Let loose with a very loud fart that has Douglas howling even louder w/laughter.
Michael reappears, and cuts a hole in the boy's ceiling to drain any further water.
Feed Fynn to bed, and discover the blanket draped over the end of his crib was wetter than imagined, and soaked his 2 quilts and sheet.
Remove quilts.
Decide wet part of sheet isn't under him, and plop him in.
Douglas eats and goes to bed.
I lose my voice.
We collapse at the table at 9pm to eat blackened barbecued turkey wings that I put on 3 hours earlier.
In peace.
And quiet.
And wonder what's coming next.
Lightning and more rain, for starters :)
M says the 'temp' fix will have to be upped a notch with sand bags (pilfered from D's sandbox) if the rain/wind pick up much. Should be a fun night!