Road Trip 2007

The Stats :
8 days
2200 miles
one Toyota Camry
5 different beds
4 different visits
2 road-acceptant kids
1 claustrophobic mom (don't ask me how I had to feed Fynn in the backseat of a Camry between 2 car seats.)
1 cousin-intoxicated 5-year-old
1 diaper-rashed 10-month-old
fireplaces and moonlit trees and wine and conversation
fellowship of delicious sorts
old friendships found to be exactly as delightful as the last real conversation 4 years ago
twinges of the desire to set down real roots

The pics are in no particular order, and I was too lazy to animate

Grambie Rotten Kid Rule ... Rottener and better than ever. I can only hope to be this cool at 91.