Flying Solo ... and loving it

After my initial frustration that M decided to go out of town for all of Memorial Day weekend (starting Friday am) I settled in and really enjoyed it.

Friday was the first sprinkler day at the park, as it was over 80 degrees, and D had to be hauled home in time for supper. Fynn had a ball too, sitting in the middle near the drain and watching bottle caps float by.

Saturday was a gardening party at D's school, which resulted in soaked/sunburned kids again, as they ran in the sprinklers in their underwear while the adults dug/chopped/edged/weeded, and called the kids back in time to plant. It probably won't last long as there is no hose that reaches the area (we hauled water in a garbage pail on a dolly, not exactly what the pre-K's are up for) but it will be enjoyed for the last month of school anyhow.

Sunday was a birthday party at the Prospect Park Carousel, and the weather couldn't have been nicer. The only day that didn't involve water, but Fynn and Douglas both adored the carousel. D for the ride, and F for the music ... which had him utterly mesmerized. The trip home involved D running ahead down the street, tripping right before a metal mesh garbage can, and bashing in his lip. Thankfully not too bloody, and he recovered pretty quickly.

Monday I was determined to do something special with the day, as M didn't make it home as he hoped, and I was tired of parks and sprinklers. We decided to brave Coney Island beach, and made it down there for 2.5 hours of utterly enjoyable chaos. It was so crowded I could have easily lost D 20 feet from me. With Fynn along, we couldn't really swim, but went out to chest height for D and 'wave jumped' and got enough mouthfuls of water to cause lots of excited screaming. Fynn ate several sand handfuls, and finally just played in it. (This on top of the cat litter he got ahold of in the morning) They both had a ball, and I was so glad I made the effort.

Dragging a stroller backwards across the sand, trying to shade Fynn, cleaning them up afterwards along with 30 bazillion other sandy and tired people. Fynn got a water-bottle bath while standing along the wall outside the bathrooms, it was too crowded everywhere else. A truly great day.