chilling at the beach

chilling, originally uploaded by herm007.

Just back from Brigantine NJ, stayed a few days w/M/W/A at their beachfront hotel. Grey and rainy until we had to leave, but still got in beachtime and relaxation. Best part for me was a beach run ... I was frustrated with Fynn's trip-related addiction to nursing, and feeling extremely cooped up. Left the boys with W, went out in the misty rain and started up the shore into the wind. Assumed I'd get sore calves and have to turn back soon, not being used to sand running at all. Went a mile, turned and came back, and felt great except for a sore ankle. Dumped my hat/watch under the lifeguard's stand and went swimming. The surf was scarily strong to me, lots of spinoff effect from hurricane Eric (I think?), and a tremendously strong undertow. I went far enough out to go under and swim a wee bit, but came straight back in. I'm not a strong swimmer, and knew that if I got out too far I'd end up having to be rescued as I probably couldn't swim hard enough to get back to shore. Delightful end to a great but short run.