Fynn holding court ...

Fynn holding court ..., originally uploaded by herm007.

I went along today with Douglas' class to see a marionette version of Cinderella. It was being shown in Fort Greene Park just down the street, and because it was a walking trip (vs. bus) I was able to bring Fynn. He had a ball, made himself at home, and was adored by most of the kids. He spent a good part of the show parked on the blanket of another girl and her dad, leaning up against the dad and munching on potato chips.

The show was a good one, with the twist that it was set in Brazil during Carnival. The kids were all entranced, and there were probably 150 of them in the 2 to 6 range. Afterwards the PS20 kids stayed and did a puppet-making project which went surprisingly well given that it involved glue and beads and styrofoam and sticks, and was done sitting in the grass.

In other news, the boys' room is finally carpeted!! Woohoo, it's been 2 years in the planning and finally came together in the last 2 days. A friend was getting rid of carpet from her playspace, in mint condition, and didn't want a dime for it. The van fee to get it home, plus padding, were the only real expenses, plus the labor of my brother-in-law which is supposedly to be paid for by the landlord. If he remembers the long-ago promise he made to pay for labor of we paid for carpet.

It's so much cozier and warmer already, and I hope that it will mean that we don't have to have a space heater on 24/7 in there this winter. They sealed up all the floor/door/window cracks with caulk before they started, so hoping that helps too. It's exposed on 3 sides, and has an unheated room below, so it's not the warmest room to start with.