Where I'm at

Came back from vacation and struggled a bit. No time really while gone to think about things like I'd hoped. The 'how do i make money with sanemoms and how can i get more coaching clients' kind of thinking. Burnt out a bit from the race still, but need to hit the ground running if we're to be able to keep this most lovely front room I'm in. Feeling the pressure of making money asap, and of course that makes me scatterbrained and reluctant to focus on how to find more clients. Coming back into the city was kinda hard too, as I'm a bit more reluctant each time. I love it here and it's still home, but the urge to live in a simpler/quieter place gets stronger every time. But I know it's not time to leave yet.

So I balked for a few days at digging back into life here, and as soon as I did, my computer decided to balk back at me with all sorts of Vista compatibility issues. Bah humbug :) Got a few ideas from friends today about marketing and refining things, and I'm starting to look forward to it again. Got a client inquiry was a hopeful sign today. Getting a sudden rush job sunday night for an old chicago client was a blessing too, and i love charging time and a half :) ... though I balked at going back to design-land too.

M has to report for jury duty tomorrow, so if I'm to run I have to get up in just over 6 hours. I go.