Went to see the Spirit of the Marathon tonight, and was inspired and daunted ... gave a realistic view of how much training is necessary. (they've added a February date if you're interested, was supposed to be one night only, hence my trek to Astoria)

i was running late, barely caught the train, and got there with 20 minutes to spare. assuming it would be packed (both manhattan locations were sold out days ago, hence the trek into Queens) i wanted to get a seat early. i ducked into the bathroom, and it wasn't until i was on my way out that i noticed the lineup of urinals to my left. niiiiiice. didn't see anyone else however, and checked faces in the snackline outside and didn't see any reactions. the doors to mens/womens were so close together i think it went unnoticed. thankful.

dashed for the train on the way home, only to discover i went down the wrong stairs and was headed further into queens. swapped over the next station and came home and stuffed my face on crab rangoon and egg drop soup. comfort food for me, making up for my missed dinner.