while I'm currently rather ambivalent about sundays in general, and haven't resolved how I feel about them or how to spend them, i did something today that made my day. i determined to get a long run in as M was home with the kids (he worked yesterday), despite the fact that it was my 4th day in a row running. i've been trying to run at least 4x a week, preferably 5, and do pushups/situps 1 or 2x a week. so far so good, though rarely running more than 2.5.

so today i went out around noon and felt like lead, having eaten a big and yummy omelet at 9 or so. first mile and a quarter was really tough, so i kept heading away from the house rather than zig/zagging like I often do. i went straight to prospect park, and decided I could do a lap before running out of steam. it's 1.4 miles there, and 3 per lap. i made it around, decided to get back to the road that leads home, and then realized it was half downhill so i kept going. then by the time it was uphill, i realized I could make 6 miles in just a few more blocks, so I did. felt really really good, though i'll be sore tomorrow.

do that 4.5 more times without stopping and i'll get thru a marathon!

the fellowship part ... what i realized last week (from the movie) was that i needed to run with other people. the energy i got from being in a park full of runners and bikers was huge, and made it much much easier to just keep going.