Making Butter

I stumbled across some blog the other night (sorry I can't remember where) and found directions for making home-made butter. I've always wanted to try it, as we'd picked up a couple gallons of raw milk while in MA, I gave it a shot the other night. It was easier than I expected, and not that time-consuming either. You just chill the milk, skim the cream, set it out on the counter for up to 12 hours while it ripens a bit and starts to sour a wee bit, then shake it till butter forms, drain off the buttermilk and rinse it, and work in some salt!

The mass of butter after about 10 minutes of shaking ...

The rinsed clumps ...

The finished butter :). It didn't make much at all, but I was inordinately pleased anyhow.

Now to find a way to get more raw milk!
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