Been in a bit of a funk this week. Post-marathon blues? Partly. Feeling once again I've lost my passion and can't seem to find it. My website for moms isn't doing well at all, as in no one is posting. My lack of posting there doesn't help. I voted for the first time ever, and voted blue, and am glad I did. I'm thrilled that a black man was elected, and am very glad for the hope of the nation, but don't share the incredible jubilation of my neighborhood. I'm just plain feeling flat.

It's been a wierd week. M finished his project Tuesday, and has been home. D was home for 2 days because he had 3 flea bites thanks to the cat sleeping on his bed, and they said I couldn't bring him back without a dr's note. This has happened before w/mosquito bites, and is due to his lack of vaccinations making them extra cautious. Dr didn't call back, and so it took 2 days to get in to see his colleague. And $60, which could have been a lot worse I'm sure.

I'm not sure where to put my heart. I've pulled back some because I do that when I'm getting ready to leave a place. Guarding against hurt I guess. But we're not leaving yet, and now I'm wrapped up internally and stuck in limbo.

Must shift gears, client calls.

And yes, my son needs new socks :)

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