thank god for fingernails

I finally have the bandaid off on my left middle finger, and a reasonably healthy scab going. I only yelp occasionally. I'm still only typing with my fingernails on my left hand, making me have the most ridiculous and funny-looking typing posture. They're not long enough to type at an angle, so my fingers have to be perfectly vertical. Try it :)

Saw my homeopath this morning, so she could take my case. The case of my general malaise/chronic respiratory issues and so on. A "constitutional" remedy. It's a bit like going to therapy (I think anyhow, never having properly been) where I talk a LOT about myself and how i feel and think and so on, and she asks periodic questions, most of which are "I'd like to hear more about X" and off I go on another 15 minute answer. I certainly can talk about myself for long periods of time. Three hours this time. She's going to analyze/process my case and get back to me.

The nice part? She's doing it for free, as I have NO money to pay her at the moment. She said whenever, don't worry, it all works out. Rather nice, that is.

I was going to write up a lovely post about making ethiopian food, which I've been doing some of lately, but spent 3 hours on one INGREDIENT yesterday (a large batch so I would'nt have to do it again for a long time) and managed to burn it in the last 10 minutes. The good thing was I didn't get angry, or particularly depressed, just resigned. And wiser. And bought more butter and spices to make the ingredients (spiced butter and berbere pepper mix) that go into making the INGREDIENT (sauteed onions with berbere and spiced butter ... there is a better name but it escapes me.) I'll try again this weekend. I need the INGREDIENT to make Doro Tibs Wat, a chicken/hardboiled egg stew. You can see it's taking on some undue significance due to the amount of work.

The lady who's website I got most of the recipes from talks a lot in sharing her recipes, and I love the commentary. One comment on this onions is that she misses the help in ethiopia, the women cook together. I think I would love that, despite my Stay Out of My Kitchen vibe when I'm cooking. It's small, compact actually, though perfectly functional. I love having other hands and divvying up the work. Just not small hands hugging my knees and chanting "pease? joos? pease?" while shoving a dripping sippy cup at me. I love the small hands mind you, just not when my own hands are covered in raw chicken or hot pad holders, and a tad unavailable.