snow at last, snow at last, thank god we have snow at last! spent 2 hours out in it, shoveled for my workout as i couldn't really run, and feels wonderful.

the boys had a ball, though fynn was frustrated he couldn't pick things up and ended up with bright red hands after having ditched the mittens.

michael built a snow ramp that turned into a 'gator, and a snowman of sorts. d danced, threw snowballs, helped, ran around, and was in almost 6-year-old heaven.

spent the afternoon doing up michael's new website, all of a sudden, because he confirmed yesterday that he's getting a solo show in manhattan from march 4-18! another wheeeeee .... starting to get closer to what we came to this city for, 4.5 years in. lots of scrambling to do with PR and all that.

in other news, found a roach er "waterbug" on the kitchen counter this evening. first ever in the kitchen, and one of only about 6 we've found in those 4.5 years. wheeeeeeeee.