Anytime Fynn is hungry, or sees anyone in the kitchen, he goes and gets a bowl and brings it for filling. He waits, rather patiently, unless he's ravenous, in which case he whines. Don't we all.

I did a lot of whining last night, once I discovered the true state of the finances. While doing taxes. Which is, by itself, enough to make almost anyone whine, isn't it? I get tired of waiting. For the cash flow to get more regular, to feel rested in the morning, for my circumstances to change, for my kids to become model children (yes that's sarcasm and yes I still want it), and for my business to pick up. I'm not good at accepting what is. I preach about it, but I struggle with it constantly. I can accept the big things much more easily than the small, perhaps because there isn't a hope of changing the big ones, therefore I can't fuss about or control them. The things I can control in some form, or have influence over, I whine about, or stress about.

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