out of the mouth (and pencil) of babes

Douglas helped me with the grocery list this morning :) I love the spelling.

Fynn's latest words, that I've figured out anyhow, crack me up. He loves candy, of course, what kid doesn't? And thanks to his brother and father, he's learned a lot earlier than D to ask for it. The stash of leftover hallowe'en and birthday and valentine candy is in a jar up on the open shelves where we keep our dishes. Out of reach of both, but D can get it with a chair.

At the end of every meal, at least the ones without huge battles or dramas, D gets to pick a piece for dessert. Now Fynn has learned to turn and point at the shelf, asking repeatedly "Na now?" It took me a day to figure out the connection ... he thinks it's called Not Now because I've said that so many times when he asks. Works for me!