While making lunch today, Fynn was sitting near my feet (as usual) playing with one of the toys strewn across the floor. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see that he'd taken the old phone cord (the coiled receiver cord) and 'plugged' it gently into his ear. He then proceeded to have this conversation ...










"da da da"

(bunch of indecipherable nonsense in a soft sing-song voice)

"bye bye"

(pulls plug out of ear)


at least he was speaking quietly and I'll take that part as flattery :)

his vocab is expanding rapidly and one favorite is
with the emphasis on the 'ow' and always with a questioning inflection.


Douglas continues to amaze with his reading, witness him in the background of The Mad Composer video below. No hiding anything by spelling, and I catch myself being nonplussed if he misses a word as I'm so used to him reading absolutely everything he sees.

He turns 6 exactly one month from today. It's rather hard to believe.