blogs I love ...

... prompted by OMSH's Valentines day contest, but no less valid for the prompting :)

I love reading NightingaleShiraz. She's a brilliant writer, and has an incredible knack for making you feel like you're right there sitting across from her when she describes a journey or a place. She just as often takes you inside her heart, and tells you how she's feeling. Great links, when she posts them, and not one puff of fluff. Every word is golden. I click over there when I want something to sink my teeth into, and make me think.

What's not to love about Secret Agent Josephine? Great delightful rambles, romps, and sighs through her life as a mom/artist/designer/beach bum. I identify with so many things (though not the beach!) and she's so delightfully candid. No fluff there either, though there's lots of great pics and illos to drool over :). I like it best when she's either over-the-top excited, or a little down. She posts no matter how she feels, and tackles the really tough family issues that I'm afraid to open my mouth about usually. She's brave, generous, funny, and a fabulous mom. Her daughter is adorable of course, just a bit older than Fynn, and an imp.

And Alex? He always makes me really think. Found him thru NightingaleShiraz, and the writing is even more dead on. His words sing achingly together, and hit home in a not-so-gentle way sometimes. He doesn't post often, but its always worth waiting for.