M discovered on Saturday that april 1 was tomorrow ... and he didn't have to leave until then. yay! one extra day to sort things out. I've been a bit of a wreck, and couldn't put my finger on why other than the fact that we'll miss him. realized finally this morning that i needed some kind of acknowledgment of what he was asking me to do (take solo responsibility for weeks on end, give up alone time, etc ...) and he formally did so. feel much much better, perhaps i'm a stickler for protocol? i'm willing to give whatever is asked by him (i think) but hadn't been asked.

He'll be reachable while there as there's a regular phone line into the apt he's been assigned, thank god! the only one that has it :). he also has 2 twin beds and a queen, but since he only signed on for 2 months they're not sure if they can get it for the summer also (for us), but we shall see.

someday i'll tell the 'story of us' for those few of you that don't know it, but not today. it seems the impending separation has brought up lots of things relating to how our relationship is structured, and some of it is painful. seems to be the way of things.