Happy Birthday Douglas!

I have a six-year-old, and am not sure quite how that happened. He was overjoyed with his drill, loaded toolbox, and the electronics set from the grandparents. Fynn was devastated at not being able to play with the drill bits (all of which were lovingly laid out on the table at once) and got into and emptied the toolbox in about 90 seconds flat. The wood for building that M brought home from the studio was fought over too. I forgot the candles when taking in the requisite cupcakes to his class today, but won many points from the kids for bringing gumballs and candy and sprinkles to decorate their own cupcakes with. The fire wasn't missed, and the singing delightful.

No party planned yet, trying to figure that one out. Lots of things up in the air it seems. Adding to the drama today was the call from the sitter I use for Fynn, saying the fire department came, inspected, found her wanting (as in operating a daycare w/out a license) and shut her down as of 6pm today. She's the same one D used, and she's been watching kids in her apartment for something like 14 years. A most lovely woman. Fynn was due there tomorrow for a few hours, and same on Friday, while I have clients. Thankfully (or not?!) M has no scheduled work this week, and has been going to the studio. He can back me up, but it's not ideal.

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