After School Routine

All dressed up and ready to go ... complete with "Pill-ow" strapped in and loaded. The glasses were taken off approximately every 2 steps on the way to school, and then wails and frantic waving of them until they were replaced. As we were running late, of course, the wails won out over the putting-on.

Any guesses what he was saying? Favorite word, shrieked at the top of his lungs any time ANYthing displeases him. Including the arrival of anyone in the proximity of a toy or swing or slide he's decided he owns. Sigh.

The games they come up with on the slides baffle me. One I haven't heard in awhile is the "Flush!" game from the top of the curly slide. References the wonder of wonders, the BATHroom where everything but baths are worshipped and talked about endlessly. Poop and pee are overrated by boys of all ages I think, not just 6-year-olds. Please tell me they grow out of it at some point?

"Kitties". He has yet to learn to chase them with abandon, and is a bit shy of the flapping wings. Not for long I imagine.


I let them play in the tub for ages tonight, and the squeals of laughter coming out of the room, from both of them, were truly music to my ears. For all the squabbling, hitting, and wailing that goes on, watching their friendship and brother-glue develop is pretty amazing. Congrats to D and K both for producing siblings this week! Happy gluing.

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