We went to the park today after school. We'd arranged a playdate as J's mom had stuff to do, and both boys were thrilled. Rather than corral them in the little park next to school, chasing Fynn every 2 seconds, we went to the big park down the street (FG) and hung out next to the big rock. It took half an hour of playing with sticks, stones, bark, etc (all great fun) before the high school kids left the rock long enough for the boys to take over. It's about 7 feet tall but climbable, which they finally did to their heart's content. Dropping stale popcorn bits over the side, sliding down, feeling big and important and a bit scared ... all good.

It was a much better day than yesterday, where everything that could go wrong seemingly did. I won't gripe, but it rather sucked. We all, however had very good sleep and things seemed so much better today. Perhaps that was the main reason, but I caught trains just barely today, made D's poetry assembly for just long enough to see him perform and then make it to class. Relaxed at class as no one showed up :) and then off to Salvation Army for an armload of spring clothes for under $20. I love thrift stores in the city. Honestly, where else can I come home with an Oscar de la Renta silk skirt for $8? Of course the lack of fitting rooms made me take a chance on it, only to find that my thighs, YES, my thighs are just barely too big for it. Not my waist or hips. I think I can genuinely say this is a byproduct of running, never having had that problem ever before.

The one highlight of yesterday? Finding a nanny! Whee. She came over, loved the kids, seemed laid back, responsible, fun, direct, and she has a son just a few months older than Douglas. She starts right after spring break, which is next week ... and I can't wait. The plan is still to go to MA to see M, but haven't figured out the car/transportation issue yet, waiting on word from friends as to car status. My friend B called today, asking when it would be good to come for a week to get away for a bit ... and she's coming the exact days we're gone ... yay for Dominic and apartment sitting! Won't get to see her much :( but she'll get the time she needs, and we get a loved-on cat and happy apartment when we get home. Yay for that.

The link I posted yesterday to what's becoming called the Hobbit home? Haven't stopped thinking about it. Sent photos by mail to M with a request that we build one, will see how he responds. The sudden connection I made to it was rather overwhelming. Been questioning today how much am I passionate, and about what? Been feeling the lack of passion for coaching, even as business picks up. I love it when I do it, definitely, but don't miss it when I don't. I miss working with my hands, touching dirt, building something bigger than I can do myself, and more that I can't articulate yet.

So, in the absence of thoughts, a few more pics from today.

Watching popcorn roll, wearing his medal from the Run for the Moms last year.

He's almost always laughing ...

Another tulip tree on the way from school to home ... finally remembered my camera.

More pics here ...