Both my mood and her plans have done a 180, and boy am I relieved! Without going into all the details, they ARE coming, tonight, in their car instead of the minivan :). Her husband drove out last night to give it to them, and is towing the van back home behind a rental truck, to repair it when they can. YAY! I'm doubly relieved as I had a long and healthy conversation with M last night, one that's been brewing for awhile, and then made a serious enough dent in a bottle of wine while watching Pretty Woman (for the 43rd time) that I was somewhat hung over this morning. The relief from both of those things was tremendous, and I felt 500% better this morning heart-wise! Then the call from my sis saying they were coming was the icing on the cake, and I personally have no regrets about the delay though I never would have wished it that way.

My sitter is probably reeling from the "don't come next week as my sister will be here .... wait, no, you DO need to come as she's NOT coming after all .... ooops, no, now she IS coming so once again I don't need you" series of phone calls and messages.


I'm off to clean and grocery shop :)