A great day!

I did it! My first half marathon today, and I enjoyed it to the hilt. P came to watch the boys, and arrived last night as I had to leave early. My ankle was bothering me again so i massaged it a lot, stretched, etc last night. I woke up a 1am from a sound sleep due to severe pain in my ankle, and was too tired to really worry about it. I massaged some oils into it to increase the blood flow and then went back to sleep. I was up at 6, ate, showered, worried, wrapped, dressed, double checked, packed, and left to walk ways to the train. Ended up having to take a shuttle train as the one I needed didn't go all the way, but made it in plenty of time along with tons of other runners. It started on the Coney Island boardwalk and the start was smoother and faster than in previous races. Partly as I discovered later because there were only about 5400 runners.

The first 3 miles were up/down the boardwalk, which is quite uneven, has some sand piles, and a great view of the ocean and all the kitch that is the boardwalk like Nathan's Famous hot dogs, the NY Aquarium, and Deno's Wonder Wheel. The coolest part of that first stretch was the turnaround at the end, meaning you got to see everyone running ahead of you and behind you, which I loved. Aside from my nervousness before the race about getting the right combo of clothes (it was damp 50's with possible rain) I felt great. By the time the race started I knew I'd be fine and not too cold or hot.

I had no trouble finding my own pace/groove as there was loads of room, especially on the 2nd stretch of 6 miles up Ocean Parkway. A few people here/there cheering, lots of shabbat-service bound jews who had to dodge across the runners, and lots of trios of power-walking-italian-american-moms out chatting up a storm. It all seemed almost too easy, and by the time I hit the halfway point and felt great I knew all was good. Once into Prospect Park I picked up the pace as I run that route several times a week and know it like the back of my hand. I burned a wee bit too much energy and slowed a little for mile 11, but was back on track to the finish. Except for the 3 minute pit-stop (there were lines!) as I still can't seem to get thru anything but a short race without stopping. Blame it on having babies, nerves, tofu the day before, whatever ... I still had to stop.

My final time was 2:07 and change (my watch doesn't exactly match the official clock but is within seconds) and while I'd dreamed of making it in 2 even, I knew that was a dream and not really possible if I didn't kick up the pace the entire time. I resolved to enjoy it immensely, which I did, and to give it all I had in the last 4 miles, which I also did.

I came home on a runner's high of course, showered and nibbled a bit and drank a ton, backpacked Fynn while D and P and I went to the farmer's market, then home to put a shrieking Fynn to bed. Chatted with P till late afternoon, went out with the boys for pizza and a messy gyro, then carried a screaming Fynn home (he wanted to ride on my shoulders, I said no as I'm super tired/sore and P had given me a massage before she left) and let him lie on my bed and scream for another 30 minutes before he calmed down and said please could he get down. I think he's hit the 'terrible' 2's as that was an extended repeat of yesterday morning. I SO don't relish this stage, and today wasn't the day to be too demanding of mom. I'm afraid bedtime was a rapid affair, and none too soon for me.

I go to soak in the tub, hopefully not fall asleep in said tub, and then sleep soundly for many many hours.