fynn's words

rather than update you with all the things i'm checking off my lists, and all the new things that keep getting added and remembered (can you say NYC Dept of Ed is INSANE? I KNOW you can ...) I'll try to get down what fynn's language is up to. I never remember to put such things in baby books, and michael remembers it much better than i and he's not here to hear it!

Current words of note (there are far too many to count, everything gets repeated)

  • sheen! ... (machine, any thing powered that makes any noise, and can't be identified with a more specific word. always said with great emphasis.
  • ackoe! ... backhoe, one of douglas' early favorites also
  • VACUUM! ... still a favorite
  • lower ... blower, for the leaf blowing maintenance guys next door
  • shruln ... Shirlan, his babysitter
  • ocky ... clocky, the running alarm clock, which now causes him to scream in terror every time it goes off. tonight at supper he took his sippy cup, rolled it on it's side across the table, and gleefully declared it "ocky!"
  • douglas ... an improvement on 'uglass' which was his brother for several months.
  • HAVE IT ... used indiscriminately and with passion
  • cream ... ice cream ... you're getting the drift about now that shorter is better, and why bother with the first half of the word anyhow?
  • NaNow ... candy, ie Not Now, applies to all candy and cream, and most chips
  • ead ... dead, as in lego man lying down is dead.
  • Down! ... pick me up
  • peas ... please
  • bonk ... pretty much any injury
i'll possibly add more later, off to crash.