cousins and 'graduation'

Douglas and Fynn are loving having their cousins here, and orange seemed to be the color of the day. We all went to his 'grad' ceremony from kindergarten, where he was also named Student of the Month for June, a nice surprise :).
His teacher ended up in tears while talking about the class, she truly loves this bunch of kids I think.
They love her too ... this was their own idea, during the pizza party in the afternoon.
The great time with the kids (and can they dance, whew!) helped mitigate the fact that I discovered my error in ordering my computer ... meaning that a ship date of 7/22 actually means July, not June. Who knew?! I've often had a mental block as to which one is the 6th or 7th month, and in my hurry to order it I didn't get it right. I'm not looking forward to hauling my current PC up to MA, but I guess it does simplify my to-do list before I leave! That's not all bad.
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