I'm back!

Back from being barred from blog-land that is, thanks to an explosion in a datacenter in TX. I didn't miss the 4 days of spam, that's for sure, but I didn't like being barred from my own blog! Alas the posts I wrote in my head are still there, and fading. We'll see if I can squeeze one out tonight. Michael's gone again, he left Monday and probably won't be back until September! That leaves me with 3 weeks to finish up some small repairs here, find a subletter, farm out the cat and plants, suspend memberships and forward mail, pack away dressers and surface stuff, wrap up clients, finish 2 websites, sell 4 computers and buy a laptop, clean off/up said computers before selling, attend several field trips/grad ceremonies, etc .... you get the drift that I'm feeling rather overwhelmed and needing 8 arms.