i have this bad habit ...

I thrive on accomplishment. Finishing things. Been down this road before .... and I don't seem to get it. When I have things that start to go 'wrong' (ie not the way I planned or expected), instead of backing off, I not only go full steam ahead into trying to solve them, I add other things to the mix in the hopes that at least one of them will get done! Witness today, the 'red letter day' which quickly fell apart. The laptop turned out to have (i believe) a bad sector in the HD, which I managed to wipe and start a clean install of the OS, but have hit snags 3x now which I suspect is as far as I'm going to get. Why I even touched that thing today, with a web project, a paying design client issue, a playdate, mountains of laundry, and an untouched newsletter I don't know.

When it started going wrong ... I added potty training Fynn into the day, as well as answering some emails, surfing for new laptops, sending out more subletting ads, cutting up snacks and mediating disputes, speed-tidying the house to take pics to send to interested subletters, and ... you get the idea. The computer and the potty training should have been left far behind, but no.

Fynn is ready, it's true ... and did manage to pee in the pot twice before he had 3 accidents (and i'm still wondering where the poop is, though it's possible that what was smeared on his ankle and butt was truly all that there was ... here's hoping!). I'm pretty thankful for hardwood floors at this point.

The thing that capped it off was finding out that I didn't get into the marathon by the lottery system, and if I want to run this year I'll have to do it for charity, and raise $2500. I don't think I can keep up the training for another year, don't even know where we'll be living a year from now, and so will very likely be doing the dreaded 'ask for donations' thing in the very near future. I hate doing so, but if I'm to run that's the only way that I can see.